CamGuard Security Alarms

Downs Protection is proudly offering our customers a revolutionary new product in the electronic security industry called CamGuard.

The Downs Protection CamGuard is a wireless, self powered, GPRS communication, video verified intrusion detection system that has revolutionised the European and US security markets and is now tackling Australia.

How does it work?

Completely self-powered for up to four years, the Downs Protection CamGuard system delivers military grade AES encrypted, intrusion detection with built-in video verification.  The completely self powered controller accommodates up to 24 wireless P-Cams (passive infrared detectors with built-in digital video cameras and IR illuminators) during an intrusion the P-Cam instantly reports a zone alarm and in fewer than five milliseconds turns on the built-in camera, auto iris and internal solid state recorder, IR illuminators and internal solid state recorder.

A 10-second video clip of the detection is transmitted on the bi-directional encrypted communication link to the VIP section of our Security Monitoring Centre.  Within seconds the alarm is received by the Security Monitoring Centre and the first frames of video begin to render, showing the operator what exactly triggered the alarm.  These capabilities make Downs Protection CamGuard a portable, affordable and anywhere video security solution that can quickly be deployed with no wires, Power or Telephone Connection on the site, quick easy and very effective.

In the event of an intrusion the Security Monitoring Operators can deploy our Alarm Response Teams who will attend to the intrusion with priority, and are equipped and trained to deal with the situation.  Police can also be informed of the intrusion and unlike conventional alarms, the Downs Protection CamGuard System alarm activations are reported to Police as verified alarms where persons are on the scene, which ensures in most cases the Police will respond with greater priority.

In most cases the perpetrator is caught red handed and the footage from the system can also be used as evidence to prosecute the offender.

The clip below shows CamGuard in action.

CamGuard in the Media

As seen on Today Tonight and A Current Affair.

Downs Protection CamGuard: Intrusions in Toowoomba that resulted in Arrest

The following videos show CamGuard in action in Toowoomba. These intrusions resulted in arrests by Downs Protection.


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Downs Protection CamGuard Kit & Products

1 Security Panel
1 Built in GPRS Communicator
1 Backup Batteries
1 RF Fob Reader
2 RF Key Fobs

3 hours for Installation

24/7 Technical Support

As a customer of Downs Protection you will get 24 hour technical support.  When you call our office you will connect with a local person who can help you any hour of the day or night.  Our technicians are on call after hours and can come out after hours if necessary.

Even if you just need to ask a simple question one of our staff are happy and eager to assist you anytime.

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