GPRS Monitoring

It is unfortunately becoming epidemic practise for criminals to cut telephone lines into a premise before breaking in.  This practise will render a security alarm unable to communicate with its control room during the alarm activation.  The necessary solution to this activity is to have your security alarm communicating through a GPRS device like our Permaconn system.  This method of security monitoring is cost effective and can be installed on any security alarm.

How does it work?

  • The Permaconn has dual services via Telstra Mobile Net and Optus Mobile Net; this ensures that if one of the communications providers fails for any reason the other will continue to carry the service.  This ensures the communication of the Security Alarm System is fail proof.
  • The Permaconn utilizes dual power supply from the premises AC power and the Backup Battery within the Security Alarm System ensuring that if the power to the premises fails for any reason the system can still communicate for several hours.
  • The Permaconn has a Tamper Detection Device within it that reports to the Security Control Room if it is being tampered with physically or if the power fails.
  • The GPRS monitoring service maintains a constant polling contact with the control room so the control room can ensure the Security Alarm System is permanently connected to the alarm system, instead of only connecting when there is a problem as with the contemporary method of PSTN monitoring.
  • The Permaconn GPRS monitoring service does not utilize the PSTN land line/telephone connection from the premises; this method is not reliable as a Security System Carriage as it is commonly cut by offenders on the outside of the premises during a break and entry rendering the Security Alarm System without any communication ability.
  • The Permaconn Monitoring service does not have any incurred charges to your telephone service bill and neither does it have any monthly charges for any communication in general.  The monthly monitoring fee is the most you will ever be charged for the service regardless of how many times it communicates with the Control Station.


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GPRS PM1025 Outstation

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