DSC Alexor Products

The Alexor from DSC is the industry’s first TRUE wireless security system, setting the benchmark for all others.  Unlike typical wireless systems on the market today, the Alexor has a control panel which is completely separate from the keypad, yet still wireless.  This innovative 2-way wireless panel allows for great protection and a non intrusive installation.  There are no cables to be run as is the case with hardwired security systems; while still offering a high level of security with 2-way communications between the devices and control panel which sets the Alexor system apart from all other wireless systems on the market.

DSC Alexor Brochures & Video

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Wireless Security System
Wireless Panel

DSC Alexor Product & Kits

1 Alexor Panel
1 LCD Display Pad
1 Backup Battery
1 Power Supply
1 External Siren Box
2 Pet Proof Motion Detectors

3 hours for Installation

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