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The Hills Reliance security system is Australia and New Zealand’s best selling alarm system, trusted to protect your possessions, family or business.  Virtually all Australians are familiar with the Hills name.  With over 50 years in business, Hills has continued to deliver quality products that people encounter in their daily lives.  Some of the most well-known brands include Hills Hoist, Hills TV Antenna, Bailey Ladders and many more. 

Hills Reliance is constantly setting new market trends with their diverse range of electronic security products through excellent quality products and easily operated usability.

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Hills Reliance Residential
Hills Reliance Commercial
Hills Reliance NX

Hills Reliance Australia Product & Kits

1 Hills Reliance Security Panel
1 LED Code Pad
1 Backup Battery
1 Power Supply
2 Motion Detectors
1 Internal Siren
1 External Siren & Strobe

6 hours for Installation

Downs Protection utilizes all panels made by Hill Reliance Australia

The Panels range in zone capabilities from 4 to 128 zones and you can be assured that whatever your requirements from small residential systems to large commercial systems, we can provide a panel that will service your requirements.

24/7 Technical Support

As a customer of Downs Protection you will get 24 hour technical support.  When you call our office you will connect with a local person who can help you any hour of the day or night.  Our technicians are on call after hours and can come out after hours if necessary.

Even if you just need to ask a simple question one of our staff are happy and eager to assist you anytime.

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