Security Monitoring Services

At Downs Protection we take advantages in technology seriously.  Not enhancing our services with the latest in alarm monitoring and receiver technology means we get left behind.  The control rooms that we utilize have a strong and technical team that are dedicated to striving to be the leaders in alarm monitoring. 

Let Downs Protection provide a total solution for you today.

Downs Protection VIP & CCTV Monitoring Services

For customers with special or unique requests, Downs Protection VIP & CCTV Monitoring Services could be the answer. With the addition of VIP Services, and CCTV Monitoring, Downs Protection is moving into a new phase.  Downs Protection is proving to be one of the leaders in the Security Industry.  Our VIP Monitoring Room provides even quicker response times to events and more tailored services for your individual needs, in the VIP Room you will be monitored separately from the main flow of customers, as a high profile site alongside other high profile customers such as Australian Major Banks and Australian Defence Force for example.

Our VIP Monitoring provides a finely tuned combination of sophisticated technology and the highest level of trained staff available to understand your unique requirements.

Specifically trained and dedicated operators know your requirements and expectations.

Compliance and Standards

For the control room that we utilize to maintain and retain the Grade A1 rating, strict levels of compliance and adherence to standards set in place under AS2201.2 must be implemented.

What Governs our Response Time?

Downs Protection utilizes two control rooms that have strict response times.  The control rooms are maintained at the Grade A1 level and have national disaster recovery infrastructure in place. Their national monitoring platform, coupled with their dual redundant configuration allows them, in the event of a natural disaster or technical issue to divert calls and all workload to either monitoring centre seamlessly.

To maintain the Grade A1 classification (under AS2201.2) the control rooms must be able to maintain levels of compliance for the actioning of alarm events.  Under the standard, alarm events are categorised and have a specific response time. 

Additionally, 24 hour technical and operational support ensures that service delivery is maintained at a high level by the control rooms.  By utilizing the latest in key performance indicators (KPI), the control rooms are able to effectively roster and coordinate the workforce effectively for peak conditions.

Response Times Standards

Type of EventStandard Response Time
High Priority Events
(Hold-up, Duress Etc)
Maximum 1 minute
Asset Threatening Events
Maximum 3 minutes
Subsistence Events
(Low Batteries)
Maximum 20 minutes
Schedule Events
(Late to Close, AC Mains Fail etc)
Maximum 60 minutes

24/7 Technical Support

As a customer of Downs Protection you will get 24 hour technical support.  When you call our office you will connect with a local person who can help you any hour of the day or night.  Our technicians are on call after hours and can come out after hours if necessary.

Even if you just need to ask a simple question one of our staff are happy and eager to assist you anytime.

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